Titles of Politicians Must Be Changed

  • President:be Chief Servant
  • Senator: Chief Servant Supervisor
  • Congressman: Local Servant Supervisor
  • Governor:Chief State Servant
  • Mayor:Chief Local Town Servant

One thing I’ve noticed about the titles of politicians, they carry with them the pomp, circumstance and arrogance of the OLD Roman hierarchies, European Dynasties or Elite controlled societies.

Why is it that being a President, Senator or any other CIVIL SERVANT is looked at as a badge of success, a seat of power, a step above the normal citizen, where as in reality in todays “democracy”, they are to have NO extra privileges than any other person.

The titles and what are the responsibilities of these people have been too confused with media and movie hyperbole, probably from 50’s films, where the local Mayor, Congressman or Senator (i.e. Kennedy) were from priviledged backgrounds and this seat on the throne was one last egoistic testament to their superiority. The Mayor was a fat man contantly feeding on red meat drinking wine and riding in his limousine, a man that controlled his village like a fiefdom.

The issue is most of the people that run for public office are riddled with what Alfred Adler called the “superiority complex”. Adler considered what he refers to in his writing as striving for superiority, was a universal of human nature. He thought sound-minded individuals do not strive for personal superiority over others, rather for personal ambition and success through work.

By contrast, those with an actual superiority complex were riddled with conceited fantasies, and with dreams of immutable supremacy, which fall into the personality type of unfortunately the type we see running for public offices, its HOLLYWOOD for the ugly people.

Ugliness above is not physical, but in thier lack of empathy for others, love for thier fellow man and true consideration for the well being of the whole. So lets bring these egoists back to reality, the first step is to REDO thier pompous titles given in the 16th century.

Onwards and Upwards!!!


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