Why Was The Tempus Network Created?

The Economy Of Self Sustainability

Tempus Network was created to enable a person, regardless of geography, age, gender, economic status or educational level, to use the internet as a tool to earn enough income through digital assets at a minimum to feed, clothe and house themselves.

Lack of these minimum levels of support results in a scarcity that has plagued and led to violent conflict within the human race for millennia. The goal of Tempus is lofty, grand, true democratization of the ability to earn. But at this distinct time, achievable, thanks to innovation and technical advancements at levels that were not possible even twenty-four months before the time of this writing.

  • World’s Billionaires got richer by $3.9 Trillion during the pandemic
  • Inequality in America has grown to immense proportions, the average American is $60,000 in debt
  • Older people in the U.S. are declaring bankruptcy at a higher rate than ever
  • Inflation is hitting the US and other markets, Healthcare, Education, Food, Rent and House prices all have gone up almost 100% since 2010
  • Average incomes have not risen for decades, Americans and Europeans have not earned more now since the ’70s
  • Most people in the U.S. have less than $400 in their bank account, any emergence allows them a zero safety net
  • The Middle class is now a debt-ridden class enslaved to the banks, which in turn are controlled totally by the central banks
  • With today's incomes having a family, a home, retirement through average income without being in debt is next to impossible